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Clients 1


Estimated amount our clients have invested in alternative investments 2



Public Pension Plan
Corporate PensionFamily OfficeEndowment and Foundation
Teacher Retirement System of Texas
The Missouri Education Pension Trust
Utah Retirement Systems
Cargill Inc. and Associated Companies Master Pension Trust (including Foundation)
RHM Pension Trust Limited
BT Pension Scheme Management
Acropolis Capital Limited
Ferd Group
FS Cypress LLC
Regents of the University of California
University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO)
Wellcome Trust
Clients Accessing Research 4
Hedge Funds253 Clients
Private Equity146 Clients
Real Assets67 Clients
Real Estate70 Clients
Dynamic Beta13 Clients

Clients by Type

 Family offices, Financial institutions, Institutional investors
Family Office
Financial Intermediary

Institutions by Type

 Government Funds, Public Pension Plans, Corporate Pension Plans, Insurance Companies, Endowments, Foundations
Sovereign Wealth Fund
Public Pension
Corporate Pension
Endowment and Foundation
  1. This is the aggregate number of clients for the Albourne Group worldwide. Clients may be subscribed to multiple services.
  2. This estimated figure was calculated by aggregating the estimated investments in alternatives investments of all of the clients of the Albourne Group entities worldwide, using public sources where possible.
  3. This client list is a partial sampling of Albourne’s client universe. In accordance with the SEC’s requirement for an objective methodology for partial client lists, these clients are the three largest in each category, using what Albourne believes to be their AUM in hedge funds as the criterion and omitting only those requesting anonymity. It is not known whether the listed clients approve or disapprove of the services provided by Albourne.
  4. The table reflects the total number of Albourne Group clients who access research in each specified class by contractual agreement (i.e., via subscription, exchange of credits or purchasing a report).
  5. * All figures are as of 1 April 2018