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Albourne invites all investment managers to provide it with information and documents ("fund data") about their funds by registering with MoatSpace. Investment managers are also invited to inform us of their forthcoming business trips and investor days via MoatSpace's Meeting Calendar.

About MoatSpace

  • There is no cost
  • Fund data is used by Albourne to prepare its proprietary manager and fund research reports
  • Fund data can be updated by the manager at any time
  • For Hedge Funds and UCITS managers, please: Register with MoatSpace
  • For Private Market managers, please register at this link:
  • Fund data does not appear on the Albourne Village community website
  • Fund data cannot be viewed by other investment managers
  • MoatSpace registration does not give you access to Albourne's proprietary research.

Please click if you need information on Albourne and AIFMD or would like to read Information for Fund Managers.

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