Corporate and Private Pension Plan Stats

> 45 Corporate & Private Pension Clients Globally
$ 90 bn in Alternatives [1]
Global figures as of 1 July 2024.

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We recognize the complexity and challenges that Corporate and Private Pensions face and offer a holistic and customizable service that empowers our clients.

Jessica Ross Profile PhotoJessica Ross,
Head of Portfolio Group Europe, Partner

How Albourne can Help

How Albourne Can Help – Common Issues & Our Solutions

Albourne’s breadth of experience provides a multi-dimensional approach for Corporate & Private Pension Plans whose specific needs may be addressed through direct access to Analysts online resources. Albourne provides advocacy within the industry to promote transparency, address both ESG and D&I considerations as part of the investment process, as well as offering solutions from research and advisory to implementation services, such as back office, middle office and fee reconciliation.

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[1] This is a conservative aggregation of the estimated investments in alternatives (where known) of Albourne Group clients worldwide, using public sources where possible.