Total Team

600 +
Total number of people

Albourne's business model is predicated on creating and sharing economies of scale and a time share of talent. We are proud of our people.

Global figures as of 1 July 2024.

Team Stats


Founder Section


Simon Ruddick Profile Photo
Simon Ruddick
Guy Ingram Profile Photo
Guy Ingram
Chief Economist
Sam Lewis Profile Photo
Sam Lewis
Mayor of Albourne Village

Executive Committee Section

Executive Committee

John Claisse Profile Photo
John Claisse
Chief Executive Officer
Anita Kouzapa Profile Photo
Anita Kouzapa
Chief Operating Officer
Gaurav Amin Profile Photo
Gaurav Amin
Head of Fintech & Implementation

CPC Section

Corporate Planning Council ("CPC")

In addition to the above Founders and Executive Committee members, the CPC comprises of Albourne’s Function and Region Heads.
Adriaan Joubert Profile Photo
Adriaan Joubert
Head of IT
Adrian Sales Profile Photo
Adrian Sales
Head of ODD
Andrew McCulloch Profile Photo
Andrew McCulloch
Region Head of US &
Senior Portfolio Analyst
Carmen Lam Profile Photo
Carmen Lam
Region Head of Canada &
Senior ODD Analyst
Christina Stavrinides Profile Photo
Christina Stavrinides
Head of QDD
Clare Cuming Profile Photo
Clare Cuming
Head of Communications
David Harmston Profile Photo
David Harmston
Head of Client Group
Debra Ng Profile Photo
Debra Ng
Region Head of Asia &
Senior Portfolio Analyst
Heeral Shah Profile Photo
Heeral Shah
Chief Financial Officer
James Walsh Profile Photo
James Walsh
Head of Portfolio Group
Meropi Stavrou Profile Photo
Meropi Stavrou
Head of Human Resources
Patrick Lai Profile Photo
Patrick Lai
Head of Legal & Compliance
Richard Johnston Profile Photo
Richard Johnston
Chairman - Asia &
Senior Hedge Fund IDD Analyst
Sofia Vishnumolakala Profile Photo
Sofia Vishnumolakala
Region Head of Cyprus &
Senior IDD Analyst
Tom Cawkwell Profile Photo
Tom Cawkwell
Head of Private Markets IDD
Travis Williamson Profile Photo
Travis Williamson
Head of Hedge Fund IDD