Industry Presence

  • Albourne, Core Supporter, SBAI
  • Albourne, Member, Hedge Funds Working Group, UNPRI
  • Albourne, Special Member, Asset Management Association of China
  • Simon Ruddick, Member, Board of Trustees, SBAI
  • John Claisse, Member, North America Committee, SBAI
  • Gaurav Amin, Co-chair, Working Group, The Open Protocol
  • David Harmston, Member, Board of Directors, Connecticut Hedge Fund Association
  • Debra Ng, Member, Executive Committee, AIMA Singapore
  • Jonathan Koerner, Member, Advisory Committee, Alignment of Interests Association

The SBAI, The Open Protocol, the UNPRI, Asset Management Association of China, AIMA, Alignment of Interest Association and the Connecticut Hedge Fund Association do not necessarily approve or endorse Albourne or the services that Albourne provides.