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Albourne provides services and solutions to clients invested in alternative investments across the liquidity spectrum.

Our Solutions

    Albourne’s customized portfolio advisory service acts as an extension of client staff - whether Investment Analyst, Back or Middle Office Analyst or CIO.

    Our Advisory specialists:
  • John Claisse Profile Photo John Claisse, CEO & Executive Committee Member
  • James Walsh Profile Photo James Walsh, Head of Portfolio Group
  • Emlyn Palmer Profile Photo Emlyn Palmer, Partner & Head of Sustainable Investing
  • Jessica Ross Profile Photo Jessica Ross, Head of Portfolio Group Europe
  • Debra Ng Profile Photo Debra Ng, Head of Portfolio Group Asia
    Advice on building & monitoring highly customized portfolios.
    Measuring, monitoring & managing risk at the asset, fund, manager & portfolio levels.
    Monthly, quarterly & annual monitoring & reporting.
    Our research combines investment, operational and quantitative due diligence across all alternatives to help clients when integrating alternatives into their strategic asset allocations.

    Our Research specialists:
  • Guy Ingram Profile Photo Guy Ingram, Co-founder & Chief Economist
  • Christina Panayi-Stavrinides Profile Photo Christina Panayi-Stavrinides, Head of Quantitative Due Diligence (“QDD”)
  • Travis Williamson Profile Photo Travis Williamson, Head of Hedge Funds Investment Due Diligence (“IDD”)
  • Tom Cawkwell Profile Photo Tom Cawkwell, Head of Private Markets Investment Due Diligence
  • Adrian Sales Profile Photo Adrian Sales, Head of Operational Due Diligence (“ODD”)
    Over 80 IDD Analysts. Online library of >4,000 IDD reports.
    Over 130 ODD Analysts. Online library of >2,500 ODD reports.
    Performance analysis & forecasting using proprietary Hedge Fund & Private Markets models.
  • Hedge Funds
  • Relative Value - Event Driven - Equity L/S

    Directional - Multi-Strategy - Long Biased

  • Private Equity
  • LBO/Growth - Venture Capital

  • Private Credit
  • Distressed - Lending

  • Real Assets
  • Infrastructure - Transportation Assets - Oil & Gas

    Agriculture - Timber - Mining - Water - Multi-Strategy Real Assets

  • Real Estate
  • Core - Opportunistic - Value Added - Multi-Strategy

  • Dynamic Beta
  • Equity - Fixed Income - Foreign Exchange

    Commodity - Multi-Assets

    Albourne’s approach to Implementation Support includes providing mid and back office support services, but excludes making the investment decisions, signing off legal documents or authorizing capital movements.

    Our Implementation (B2YTM) specialists:
  • Jonathan Koerner Profile Photo Jonathan Koerner, Head of Middle Office Implementation
  • Rowan Levy Profile Photo Rowan Levy, Head of Back Office Implementation
  • Nicolas Stylianou Profile Photo Nicolas Stylianou, Head of Fees & Liquidity
  • Christina Efstathiou Profile Photo Christina Efstathiou, Back Office Team Lead
    Commercial Review, Deal Support, Subscription Assistance and Ongoing Support.
    Transaction recordkeeping, NAV reporting & reconciliation, payment set up & custodial feed assistance.
    Fee Validation for Private Markets, Fee Reconciliation for Hedge Funds & liquidity management tools.
    As a working consultant, Albourne can better collect, understand and curate data, and create analytical tools that add value. Our fintech is for practitioners, by practitioners.

    Our Fintech (Albourne D&ATM) specialists:
  • Gaurav Amin Profile Photo Dr. Gaurav Amin, Head of Fintech & Implementation & Executive Committee Member
  • John Shearman Profile Photo John Shearman, Head of Fintech
  • Lucy Stavrinides Profile Photo Lucy Stavrinides, Head of Data
    Vast amount of alternatives data collected over 20+ years.
    Online interactive tools like Forward Calendar, Portfolio Manager, Cash Flow Model & Advanced Search.
    Access to the daily curation of >7,000 media sites, Albourne TV, newsletter review and the Albourne App.

1 Some Implementation Support services are not available in certain jurisdictions
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Our Expansion

  • PriMaRS Indices

    Launch of Albourne's third series of indices, Private Markets Return Series Indices

  • 2021
  • New Sustainable Investing Reporting Standards

    Release of Sustainable Investing (SI) Questionnaire & Scoring Framework.

    Albourne Sustainable Investing Logo
  • 2020
  • HedgeRS Indices

    Launch of Albourne's indices series Hedge Fund Return Series

  • D & I Questionnaire with AIMA

    Release of Diversity & Inclusion Questionnaire

  • 2019
  • Albourne Mobile App

    iOS and Android versions of the Albourne App become available for all Clients

  • 2018
  • DyBeRSTM Indices

    Creation of Albourne's indices series, Dynamic Beta Return Series

  • Investor Manifesto II

    'New Initiative' Launch of the Investor Manifesto II

  • Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

    Release of Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

  • Data & Analytics Service

    Launch of Data & Analytics Service

  • Back Office software & Service

    Release of Backoffice

  • PM Fee Validation & Aggregation

    Private Markets Fee Validation and Aggregation service launched

  • 2016
  • The Shape of Fees

    Albourne has been leading efforts to promote transparency and encourage better-aligned terms which can help to achieve a more consistent and fairer share of return between managers and investors. Albourne’s initiative to focus an industry conversation on the "shape of fees" has been central to these efforts.

  • 2015
  • Fee Analysis & Reconciliation

    Launch Fee Analysis & Hedge Fund Reconciliation

  • 2014
  • Dynamic Beta Service

    Release of Dynamic Beta software

  • Real Estate Service

    Launch of Real Estate Service

  • 2013
  • New Initiatives

    Launched The Investor Manifesto I & FeeMometerTM

  • 2011
  • First Sustainable Investing Questionnaire

    Albourne's Sustainable Investing (SI) starts taking shape with the launch of its first SI questionnaire.

  • The Open Protocol

    Launch of The Open Protocol Initiative

  • Bermuda

    Albourne opens office in Hamilton, Bermuda

  • 2009
  • Real Assets Service

    Launch of Real Assets Service

  • 2008
  • Bahrain & Germany

    Albourne opens offices in Manama and Munich

    Bahrain flagGermany flag
  • 2007
  • Private Equity Service

    Launch of Private Equity Service

  • 2006
  • Japan

    Albourne opens office in Tokyo

    Japan Flag
  • 2005
  • Singapore

    Albourne opens office in Singapore

    Singapore Flag
  • 2004
  • Hong Kong

    Albourne opens office in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Flag
  • 2003
  • Canada

    Albourne opens office in Toronto

    Canada Flag
  • 2001
  • Albourne America

    Albourne opens office in USA under Albourne America LLC

    USA Flag
  • 2000
  • The Castle

    Launch of Client portal, The Castle

  • The Albourne Village

    Launch of a free portal for the alternatives investment community

  • 1997
  • Cyprus

    Albourne opens office in Nicosia, Cyprus

    Cyprus Flag
  • 1996
  • London

    Albourne moves UK office to London

    UK Flag
  • 1994
  • Hedge Fund Service

    Launch of Hedge Funds Service

  • Albourne Partners Limited

    Albourne is founded and opens office in West Sussex, UK