Albourne Disclaimer Notice

Albourne Partners Limited

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

in accordance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 of the United Kingdom for the financial year commencing on 1 April 2023.

  • This Statement, originally published in April 2016, has been made by Albourne Partners Limited (“APL”) and approved by its Board of Directors, who are responsible for seeing that this Statement is reviewed and published annually. The Statement appears on the website of APL and is also available in hard copy form from its office at 16 Palace Street, London SW1E 5JD.
  • APL and its wholly-owned subsidiaries around the world (together “Albourne”) carry on business as independent, non-discretionary financial advisers to professional clients on alternative investments.
  • In the course of those businesses, Albourne purchases goods and services from a variety of suppliers, including those associated with the property and buildings it occupies, the administration of its affairs (including office supplies, IT equipment and software), data and business intelligence, travel, hotel accommodation and client and staff events. Albourne’s general policy with respect to suppliers is to deal with reputable, well-established organisations.
  • Albourne’s policy in relation to modern slavery and human trafficking is to avoid them entirely in the case of its own businesses and, in the case of its suppliers, to take reasonable steps to satisfy itself that they are not present in the supply chain prior to Albourne. Should there be indications that a supplier might be involved in such practices, Albourne would urge that supplier to desist from them and would cease to make purchases from that supplier until satisfied that it had permanently done so.
  • Albourne is certified by ISO 27001 and, as such, continues to consider Modern Slavery as part of its supplier review process.
  • Albourne considers that there is no risk of modern slavery and human trafficking taking place in its own business and that such risk in its supply chain is low.
  • In the financial year commencing on 1 April 2023, APL continues to investigate its supply chain and to seek information about its suppliers and the ways in which they conduct their businesses, either from statements (including modern slavery and human trafficking statements on their websites) or by direct enquiry of the suppliers themselves or of third parties, or by general searches. Albourne has produced a supplier due diligence questionnaire which shall be sent to key suppliers.
  • Albourne believes that those steps are or will be as effective as can reasonably be expected, having regard to the extent to which information is available to Albourne. It measures this effectiveness by reference to these performance indicators: (1) Sufficiency of supplier responses to Albourne enquiries and appropriateness of Albourne actions. (2) Training of Albourne staff.                       .
  • It intends to provide training to its staff through its Group Policy on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.

Signed: John Claisse, CEO of the Albourne Group and Director, Albourne Partners Limited