Family Offices Stats

> 60 Family Office Clients Globally
$ 30 bn+ in Alternatives [1]
Global figures as of 1 July 2024.

Quote from Bernhard Steege

Albourne acknowledges that Family Offices are as wide and varied in source, size, structure and strategy as the individuals whose money is managed.

Bernhard Steege Profile Photo Bernhard Steege,
Portfolio Analyst & Partner

How Albourne can Help

How Albourne Can Help – Common Issues & Our Solutions

Albourne’s Family Office clients are offered the support and flexibility they need, in addition to the benefits of initiatives such as the Aggregate Consultant Discounts (to the extent such clients are eligible for such discounts). Albourne provides support to Family Office clients when conducting manager selection, in addition to providing IDD, ODD, Risk Reports, Advisory and general research.

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[1] This is a conservative aggregation of the estimated investments in alternatives (where known) of Albourne Group clients worldwide, using public sources where possible.