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340 + Client Entities for the
Albourne Group worldwide
$ 700 bn+ Amount our Clients have
Invested in Alternatives
30 + Years of Presence
in Alternatives [1]
Global figures as of 1 January 2024.

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Our Clients

Our Clients

At Albourne, our goal is to empower our clients to be the best investors they can be. What we think makes Albourne different is that by taking a non-discretionary approach (we do not operate any discretionary mandates) we are able to offer advice within a business model that is designed to minimize conflicts. We respect that every client needs customized and creative solutions, and each client may use our services in their own way – regardless of assets under management, location or investor type – please see some examples of our client types below.

Public Pension Plans

Public Pension Plans have been Albourne clients for over twenty years. Our non-AUM based pricing, extensive global platform, industry advocacy to promote transparency, and ability to address both Sustainable Investing and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion considerations can offer Public Pensions an extension of staff across the alternative investments spectrum.

Corporate & Private Pension Plans

Our breadth and depth of experience provides a multi-dimensional approach for Corporate & Private Pension Plans whose specific mandates may be addressed through direct access to Albourne Analysts, a dedicated client team and the extensive online resources of the Castle.

Endowments & Foundations

Endowments & Foundations often have long-established teams who welcome the breadth of Albourne’s services, which cover the investment process, from sourcing, research and advisory to implementation solutions such as back office, mid office, and fee reconciliation/validation.

Family Offices

Albourne offers an equitable approach to clients; our Family Office clients vary widely in size, but are offered the support and flexibility they need, in addition to the benefits of client initiatives such as Aggregate Consultant Discounts (to the extent such clients are eligible for such discounts).

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions may be natural beneficiaries of the economies of scale Albourne has created. We believe we offer among the industry’s most extensive data analytics, proprietary portfolio tools and research coverage (Investment Due Diligence, Operational Due Diligence and Quantitative Due Diligence).

Insurance Companies

Albourne can provide a cost effective and empowering solution for Insurance Companies’ investment teams, providing time and knowledge management. Services can vary from Fintech solutions to specifying mandate constraints, internal processes, benchmarks and implementation.

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Every contract is on a fixed fee non-discretionary basis.
We believe that this minimizes conflicts of interest.


[1] This is a conservative aggregation of the estimated investments in alternatives (where known) of Albourne Group clients worldwide, using public sources where possible.