sustainable investing Intro

In keeping with Albourne’s mission to empower our clients to be the best investors they can be, we are integrating Sustainable Investing (“SI”) into every aspect of our services, in order to facilitate engagement with this issue, both as a risk and an opportunity.

SI is emerging as a 21st century take on risk: there is growing awareness amongst the investing community of environmental issues, the real-world effects of social dynamics, and the real risk, ultimately to society, where governance is absent or misguided. Today, these risks are recognized to have tangible financial consequences for organizations. Conversely, efforts to address them are believed to be generating trends that may provide opportunities.

Therefore, Albourne takes the view that all investments feature Sustainable Investing risks, albeit to varying degrees, and expects managers to have a strategy that identifies, measures, monitors and manages such risks to the extent they are material.

We have launched the Albourne SI Questionnaire which enables Managers to outline their approach to this issue, based on industry-standard PRI questionnaires, and facilitates our proprietary Sustainable Investing Score. This helps us to evaluate the extent to which these risk factors are integrated into a fund’s investment and risk management processes. In addition to innovating specialist SI capabilities and other developments across our Investment Due Diligence and Operational Due Diligence capabilities, we have also, jointly with the Standards Board for Alternative Investments, extended the Open Protocol risk transparency framework to incorporate SI reporting.