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18 May 2021       Albourne   Seward & Kissel LLP

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Emlyn Ade Palmer, Head of ESG investing and Partner at Albourne Partners Limited, recently talked with Seward & Kissel’s Debra Franzese in a dedicated ESG-focused podcast.

Albourne has been a strong advocate of industry best practices since inception, and last month the firm announced a new ESG questionnaire (based on the PRI questionnaires) and a new scoring framework based on a short form questionnaire.  

In this podcast, Emlyn and Debra discussed many topics, including:

i. The drivers for launching a new questionnaire based on the PRI framework and the importance of adopting a scoring framework. 

ii. The importance of managers developing policies and procedures to monitor their compliance with ESG standards.

iii. Some of the risk-related issues that managers should be considering in regard to ESG integration into their investment processes.

iv. What investors are looking for in relation to ESG matters and the key points that managers should be thinking about in connection with their reporting.

Alternative investment managers are invited to complete the questionnaires on Albourne’s dedicated manager portal, MoatSpace.