Endowments and Foundations Stats

> 55 E&F Clients Globally
$ 80 bn+ in Alternatives [1]
Global figures as of 1 July 2024.

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Endowments & Foundations pride themselves on being at the forefront of flexibility and change, we work in unison to help clients achieve their mission and address the competitive challenges they face.

James Walsh Profile Photo James Walsh,
Head of Portfolio Group & Partner

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How Albourne Can Help – Common Issues & Our Solutions

Albourne’s multi-dimensional solution can address your specific needs through direct access to Analysts, a dedicated client team and extensive online resources. Albourne’s breadth and depth covers the investment process; from research and advisory solutions to incorporating ESG considerations into an investment process, to risk analysis, to implementation solutions - such as back office, middle office and fee reconciliation.

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[1] This is a conservative aggregation of the estimated investments in alternatives (where known) of Albourne Group clients worldwide, using public sources where possible.