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29 August 2019       Albourne

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Global investment consultant Albourne Partners announced its revamped News & Initiatives page on 

Albourne prides itself on its non-discretionary business model which sets it apart from competitors, and its role as an advisor and advocate for better practices within the alternatives industry over the last 25 years. The webpage features press coverage of Albourne in recent years and information on the firm’s key initiatives.

“At launch, this page includes over 20 articles written on Albourne, including hot-off-the-press coverage from HFM on the importance of improving ESG data, as well as a recent piece from Pensions & Investments on the increasing rarity of pure-play non-discretionary consultants,” said Clare Cuming, Head of Communications at Albourne Partners. She added that, “The webpage hosts Albourne’s first public film, Women in Alternatives, which highlights several interviews with leading women in our industry and provides an update on Albourne’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.” 

Committed to improving the Alternatives Industry, some of Albourne’s key initiatives are:

  • Investor Manifesto I & II: In October 2013, Albourne launched the Investor Manifesto, a 10-point plan, recommending areas for improvement in hedge fund reporting standards, disclosures to investors, documentation and governance. Subsequently, in October 2018, Albourne published Investor Manifesto II, which is a 50-point reference document of interesting ideas across all alternatives, spanning 10 general themes that Albourne plans to discuss with investors, industry bodies, investment managers and financial regulators.
  • The Shape of Fees: Albourne has been leading efforts to promote fee transparency and encourage better-alignment of fee terms to achieve a more consistent and fair share of returns between investment managers and investors. Central to this initiative has been to encourage a dialogue between investors and investment managers on the “shape of fees”. One example is Albourne's development of the “1-or-30” fee structure, which we also refer to as “X-or-Y”. Albourne recognizes that one size does not fit all, and thus, advocates for a transparent range of economically-equivalent fee “shapes” to meet the wide and varied mandates of investors.
  • Open Protocol: This is an industry-accepted, consistent reporting template for managers’ risk and exposure information, created to encourage transparency and to enable investors to aggregate exposure information at the portfolio level. Open Protocol is a template that standardizes how investment managers convey risk information. Albourne helped launch Open Protocol in August 2011 and is co-chair of its Working Group.