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19 August 2019       Pensions & Investments

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Texas Employees Retirement System, Austin, rehired Albourne as hedge fund consultant,a webcast of the pension fund's board meeting Wednesday showed.

The $28.7 billion pension fund issued an RFP in March as part of the normal process of putting the services up for bid every few years. ERS' general investment consultant NEPC was the other finalist.

Texas ERS originally hired Albourne as its first hedge fund consultant in 2011.

Separately, the pension fund returned a net 5.3% for the year ended June 30, below its policy benchmark return of 6.1%. For the three, five and 10 years ended June 30, ERS returned an annualized net 9.2%, 6.2% and 8.9%, respectively, compared to their respective policy benchmark returns of 8.7%, 5.9% and 8.9%.