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27 April 2017       HFM Week

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At HFMWeek’s European Hedge Fund Services Awards 2017, Albourne Partners won in the category of ‘Best Overall Advisory Firm.’


Disclosure: The awards are an annual fixture and consequently, the results may no longer be current or applicable. For the HFM European Hedge Fund Services Awards 2017, a total of 135 companies were shortlisted across 50 categories. For the category Best Overall Advisory Firm, 11 companies were shortlisted, and Albourne Partners came on top based on the following criteria:
*Summary of business model, including countries of operation, client numbers and turnover/profit; Summary of business growth in 2016/2017
*Development of chosen category's offering in 2016/2017 - examples of product innovation and how the company has dealt with challenges (e.g. regulation) over the last year
*Detailed information on how the company has dealt with customer retention and new client wins

Albourne is not affiliated with HFMWeek, and did not pay a fee to be eligible to be nominated for the Award. The Award is not representative of an Albourne client’s experience. The Award does not reflect the subjective views of Albourne’s own clients. The Award is not indicative of Albourne’s current or future performance.