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01 September 2021       aiCIO

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Chief Investment Officer magazine is pleased to present its 10th annual list of the world’s most influential investment consultants and advisers.

Each year, the publication asks a varied group of chief investment officers and allocators which consultants and advisers have “done right by them” for the current markets. This year’s list compiles the names that CIOs would recommend to their peers.

Andrew McCulloch

What new qualities do you look for in a manager/service provider given the pandemic’s financial and economic impacts?

The volatility catalyzed by the onset of the pandemic served as a stark reminder for allocators and managers alike that they must embed a high degree of intellectual rigor, humility, transparency, and forethought within their investment processes. Governance structures, risk management constructs, liquidity budgets, and regional diversification were all briefly tested in March 2020 before the rebound that followed. Managers with expertise and exposure in Asia fared substantially better as their markets decoupled from the rest of the globe, and we saw stronger governance structures empower investors to play offense in strategies which drew down more severely, anticipating a recovery. Still, others found themselves “fixing their roof during a rainstorm,” triaging potential liquidity concerns and stakeholder inquiries. Despite financial conditions not deteriorating further in this crisis, reactions to pandemic-driven volatility reiterated the value of these critical qualities in portfolio success when a future storm evolves into something more severe and unforgiving.

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David Tatkow

What do you think will be the biggest innovation in your industry in the next 10 years?

The pandemic-era brought to the forefront issues of wealth disparity and racial inequality in a way that I believe will significantly influence our industry over the next 10 years. I believe that managers who acknowledge these issues, both in how they build their portfolios, and run their businesses, demonstrate great character, which is an essential factor in building fiduciary trust. Whereas even five years ago, many investors and managers regarded ESG as a niche consideration, the events of the pandemic I believe have compelled many investors to elevate social concerns, and evaluate prospective managers in part through those same concerns.

Investors are looking at managers more closely both in terms of what companies they invest in, but also in how they manage their organization: What is the manager’s commitment to building a diverse organization, and how is this demonstrated through practices in hiring, terms of employment, and career development? I believe that the invigorated focus on ESG that the pandemic brought on will be a win-win in terms of creating a more equitable society, but also in strengthening organizations that embrace best practices.   

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Disclosure: Chief Investment Officer (CIO) magazine’s Knowledge Brokers list is presented annually. The publication selected 20 individuals for the 2021 Knowledge Brokers list based on the responses of a varied group of chief investment officers regarding who they would recommend to their peers.  

Albourne is not affiliated with CIO magazine and did not pay a fee in order for its employees to be eligible to be selected for the 2021 Knowledge Brokers list.

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