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01 June 2022       Albourne

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Albourne Announcements, New Partners, and Equity Recipients

Albourne’s aspirations have always been multi-generational, and this has driven our approach to both equity participation and succession. It is with regard to the latter that we announce that:

Albourne’s co-founder, Guy Ingram, will be stepping down from his Executive Committee (EC) role, but will remain in his capacity as Chief Economist.

When the company started, Guy’s work product was “the promise” and we hope that the work product of today’s Albourne is a reflection of his work ethic. Beyond even his conscientiousness, however, is his conscience: this implied promise, much like the admiration of his colleagues for him, is entirely and utterly timeless.

Filling the seat in Guy Ingram’s stead, is Anita Kouzapa. Anita joined Albourne in 2000 and has been Head of the Cyprus office since 2018. In the 4 years that Anita headed the Cyprus office almost doubled in size, further consolidating its mission critical role within the company. For more on Anita’s journey at Albourne over the last 21 years, please see the following short clip!

In 2016, we introduced Alternates (deputies) to several key decision makers within the firm. This time last year, Anita assumed the Alternate role for Guy on the EC and as noted above is now taking her position on the EC. Anita will also serve as acting COO, transitioning her Head of Cyprus position to her Alternate, Sofia Vishnumolakala. Sofia (Head of IDD in Cyprus) has been at Albourne for over 18 years, starting her career at Albourne as a Research Analyst.

Jane Hughes, Head of Europe, is retiring this year. We will miss her dearly and wish her the very best in her next chapter of life. Jane’s contribution to Albourne over the last 14 years has been remarkable. Kellie Hata (Head of European Private Credit) who joined in 2010, has been the Regions’ Alternate Head since 2017 is Jane’s successor.

In Asia, Richard Johnston, current regional head, is transitioning to Chairman for the region, having founded our Asian business 17 years ago and grown the world class team in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul to 40. Richard’s Alternate Debra Ng, who opened our Singapore office and leads the Portfolio group in the region, will formally assume Richard’s day-to-day business operational responsibilities, as the new Head of Albourne Asia.

Meet the New Partners

We are also delighted to announce 5 new Partners, 7 existing Partners who have become Equity Option partners, plus 12 additional Equity Option Recipients.