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01 June 2021       Albourne

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For the second year, Albourne participated in She Can Be, an event based on the initiative led by The Lord Mayor’s Appeal charity. 

She Can Be endeavors to empower young women to make informed decisions about their careers and allow them to see all of the great work that London’s businesses are doing to make their workplaces more inclusive for women. The four key skill sets the initiative encourages are: communication, confidence, taking initiative and problem solving. 

Albourne hosted a group of young women (aged between 17 and 18) from the Folkestone Academy in Kent, providing an interactive online session aimed at introducing alternatives and some of the exciting roles within finance today.  This year’s agenda featured a game aimed at demystifying commonly used financial jargon, a role-matching game and several films on what it’s like to work at Albourne.

“We believe that taking part in this event will help young women have the confidence to take on careers where they may be underrepresented. As a global company, Albourne is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion; promoting an increased female presence in finance aligns with Albourne’s efforts towards a diverse and inclusive workplace,” commented Clare Cuming, Head of Communications at Albourne. 

For more information on this event and how you can support this initiative, please click here.