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18 February 2020       Albourne

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Committed to Diversity & Inclusion, alternative investments consultant Albourne Partners actively engages in events promoting D&I principles and practice.

London, 18 February 2020 – On 13 February, Albourne took part in She Can Be…, a London-based event and initiative, created and organized by The Lord Mayor’s Appeal charity, with the aim to inspire young women to consider career paths in the City. The event was constructed to educate, empower and expand young women’s perceptions of their career options, and encourage them to pursue as many opportunities as men do. She Can Be… was a full-day event, where young women, aged between 14 and 15, visited Albourne’s London office to learn about the business. Albourne’s morning session was hosted and organized by Albourne’s Head of Communications, Clare Cuming. The young women received an introduction to Albourne and then took part in three workshops. Albourne representatives (in addition to representatives from the other 24 participating companies) then joined over 250 students for an inspirational afternoon session.

For recent press coverage of Albourne's initiative, please see the following Pensions & Investments article.


                                                                                           Albourne Partners' participation in She Can Be…

Earlier this year, Albourne’s Tathata Lohachitkul, Portfolio Analyst and Partner, was among the speakers at CAIA San Francisco Diversity and Inclusion event, aimed at identifying current practices, perspectives and what needs to change. In addition, Jinal Patel, Operational Due Diligence Analyst, joined AIMA’s breakfast panel in New York to discuss Diversity and Inclusion in the Hedge Fund industry focusing on the key principles identified in AIMA’s recent publication The Alternatives.

On the occasion, Isela Rosales, Chapter Executive at CAIA, thanked the speakers for being such passionate speakers. She commented, "We received many compliments following the events by our attendees and I witnessed the crowds continuing to linger to speak with the presenters personally following the panels. We appreciate the time and energy they dedicated from their busy schedules to support CAIA and AIMA."

Albourne Partners places great emphasis on the value of Diversity and Inclusion and is actively engaging in industry events that promote this drive within the Alternative investments world. Albourne encourages fund managers to include policies and statistics on diversity within each of their ownership structures, its lead decision-makers and its broader organization. Further, Albourne Partners has put forward a relevant proposal in its Investor Manifesto II which recommends that managers document a Diversity and Inclusion Policy and implement practices that foster Diversity and Inclusion.

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